Monday, March 28, 2016


Sometimes despite all the motivation in the world and all the pep talks and all the pictures you see of people working out that are posted online to get you going, it is still so incredibly hard to stay motivated!

I know from personal experience that sometimes you just want to have that slice of pepperoni pizza or drink a soda or not go for a walk or not go to the gym, but remember, you cannot give up! You might be tempted but if you stick to your goal, later on you will not regret it.

You did not gain all that extra weight in a week, so don't expect it to come off in a week as well! 

The key is to not give up. Stay focused and continue with your goal. When you feel the urge to have a soda, take a deep breath and say, "no!"  Reach for a glass of water instead, maybe with a few lemon  wedges for flavor. And instead of a pepperoni pizza, grab a healthy snack, like an apple or string cheese or focus on making a healthy meal option. 

Remember you are not alone in this journey. You are now on your way to A Fit Place! You are not going to go on a diet, you are going to focus on living a healthier lifestyle. 

You can do this!!

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